Thursday, December 18, 2008

The "Near-Masterpiece"

I was reading this piece on Graham Greene by Dwight Garner, and I felt the need to quibble, slightly.  Garner calls "The End of the Affair" and "The Power and the Glory" "near-masterpieces."  

While I haven't read "The End of the Affair," "The Power and The Glory" is, to me, a full masterpiece if ever there was one.  

Here's how I would rank the Greene I've read:
The Power and the Glory
The End of the Affair

The Comedians

The Honorary Consul
The Quiet American

A few of the short stories. 

Journey Without Maps

But I haven't read enough Greene.  A Christmas resolution!  While in college the idea occurred to me to go to Havana and interview any prostitutes who might have slept with GG, perhaps for an article.  Or a coffeetable book, with photographs - Nos Jodio El Capitain.  But like so many of my undergraduate ideas this one remained unfulfilled.  I wonder what insights they might've offered me.  And I them.   

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